My Story

Everyone’s Story Has A Beginning…

I’m often asked why I started my health journey and how I managed to stick to with it through the ups and downs.

Well here’s my story, timeline, and some valuable lessons that I’ve learned along the way that should save you from making the same mistakes I did…

If you’re just starting out, here’s what’s important to remember…

Everyone’s story has a beginning, and everyone’s journey is filled with challenges that must be overcome.

Who you are today has nothing to do with who you can decide to become tomorrow…

And me?

Well that brings us to Chapter 1 in my journey… Which is basically six years of struggle, after struggle…

I got my first taste of what good nutrition can do and just how precious your health really is when I witnessed my boyfriend fight for his life with lung cancer.

It’s an incredibly sad story, he eventually lost his life to cancer but the whole experience did something to me that I’m forever grateful for.

It taught me to value my health at such a young age. And I thank God for that perspective because at the time I was over 50% body fat, clinically obese and I was really taking my health for granted.


This is what started my entire health journey but I knew absolutely nothing about weight loss or getting healthy.

So I started out just like most people do. I started exercising and cut out sugar… and it worked.

I lost 10 kilos in 4 months with was great.

But then it really started to slow down until I came to a complete plateau.

No matter what I did I couldn’t seem to lose the weight.

So I dabbled with more diets, personal trainers, and a lot of sports and appetite supplements.

I lost a little bit here and there but I felt like the things I was putting into my body were not that good for my health.

My sleep was being compromised and my need for caffeine started to get out of control.

Infact my need to lose weight came at such a cost that I was experiencing adrenal fatigue and many facets of my life were suffering as a result.

On top of that the amount of money I was spending on programs and products and at one stage – almost surgery! I’ll talk more about that later!  

I had developed a lot of guilt over my failure to get a handle on this area of my life and how much it had affected the choices I had to make with my finances.

Somewhere along the way my whole reason for losing weight was forgotten.

The need to be healthy was put by the way side, and my need to be skinny so that I could feel secure and confident became my top priority.

At this point 6 years had gone by and I’d only managed to lose 8 more kilos.

During this time I had met my now husband Nick and my wedding day was right around the corner.

I had always had in my mind to be at my goal weight by this day and nothing solidified that desire more than my wedding dress fitting experience.

Ladies, you’ll know what I mean here because all white is hardly a flattering colour.

Let me tell you I looked like a short fat umpa lumpa in every dress that I tried on.

The wedding was only 7 months away and I still had 10 kilos to lose. That was more weight than I’d managed to lose in the last 6 years.

It seemed like an impossible task.

Chapter 2: The Breakthrough

I managed to find one dress that I loved. I mean I thought it looked great but I knew if I got to my goal weight it’d look absolutely smoking.

So I did something totally wild….I intentionally bought my wedding dress 2 sizes too small. That way I had no way of backing out.

I literally had to find the answer.

Well, low and behold I was introduced to the right person who had an answer for me. A PT friend of mine who I’d just met heard I’d told about my crazy stunt and he offered to help me.

In addition to training, he asked me to keep a food journal. One day after a training session I sat across the table from him and he began to explain to me about a hormone insulin and how it affects your ability to lose weight.

And I finally saw it!!!

I could see that even though I thought I was eating healthy I was still triggering way too much of this hormone and it was making it impossible for my body to burn fat.

So I put it to the test and within 7 months dropped 2 dress sizes and according to my husband, looked like a movie star in that wedding dress.


But this is not the end of my story….

I still had one more problem.

Even though I made it to my goal weight, I still wasn’t happy. What I could hide in my wedding dress I couldn’t hide in a bikini.

My body was still holding onto fat around my hips bum and thighs.

I was super lean everywhere else, my abs were even showing, I had great definition in my upper body, my arms were great but my lower half just wouldn’t drop at the same rate.

I started telling myself all kinds of stories, like…. “it was  impossible for me to lose.”

I started buying into the idea that it’s just how my body was supposed to be, “I must be genetically predisposed to holding fat there.”

I’d even gone so far as seeing a plastic surgeon about liposuction. Without a doubt in my mind the fat was going, even if I had to get it sucked out.

It was at that point I had a choice:

Either I could figure out why my body was holding onto the fat on my lower half

or I could take what looked like the quick and easy way and just have the surgery.

Well thankfully I decided not to go ahead with the surgery. I thought about what I would say if I had a client come to me in a similar situation.

Could I recommend surgery? No way.

Could I recommend liposuction? Not with a clear conscience.  

At that point I just knew I had to find another way.

I decided to look for a solution… and I found something that would change my life forever.

And that was learning about Hormone Optimisation

Essentially Hormone Optimisation is the biology of the endocrine system and understanding the hormone and gland connections in your body.

After consuming every book and course on hormones that I could find, I realised there were other hormone imbalances that I needed to correct and that my body needed an even more specific environment for it to release fat from my lower half.

Once I learned this everything changed.


Within a few weeks of focusing on these other hormone imbalances I started to see results.

I started implementing the same approach with my clients and they started seeing even greater results.


In the summer of 2014 I was finally able to achieve a goal which was a long time coming. I wore my bikini to the beach with confidence knowing I hadn’t put my body or my health at risk in order to get what I wanted.

Since learning about the hormone and gland connections my outlook on health and weight loss has never be the same.

When I start with a new client I can have 100% confidence that they can see results and once you understand it, the same can be true for you.  

So what’s the secret?

How can I know for sure that this can work for you?

Well in addition to understanding about this hormone insulin, I learned that you must tailor your approach to your specific gland weakness.

And in my case, the corresponding gland that needed to be addressed was my ovary glands.

I had never considered the health of my ovaries before and when I look back I had constantly had problems in this area.

I had really bad period cramps and mood swings. I even had a large growth removed from my left ovary, including having part of one of my ovaries removed when I was 16.

The doctors put me on the birth control pill to reduce the chance of recurring cysts and in hindsight this was the worst thing I could have done.

Chapter 3: My Life Mission

As a result of this journey many of my friends and family started asking me for help so I searched the internet for the best training and coaching courses I could find and went to work.

I wanted to find a way to teach everything I’d learned and experienced so I quit my job and went full time into health coaching.

I created my own course to teach people and to date I’ve spent over 5,000 hours studying fat metabolisation and hormone health.

There are 2 primary reasons for me doing what I do which stem from problems I want to see solved in my lifetime.

Number 1. I want to free people from the world of dieting.

The average women spends 17 years of her life dieting and only 2% ever successful at achieving their weight loss goals.

So what does that tell you? They’re operating off incorrect information.

We’ve been lead down a path by the diet industry who continues to profit from repeat this business.

It’s so destructive and downright demoralising when you’re constantly yo-yo dieting. And I would know, I did that for 6 long years.

I went from program to program but was never able to create lasting change because no one ever taught me about my body and how health is created.

I want you to have the same breakthrough I had and I want to equip you with the same knowledge and tools that had to achieve my goals.

It wasn’t until I learned how to create health and how fat is burned was I able to achieve my goals with my health in tack.

This really is the secret to achieving lasting results. You’ve got to keep your health at all costs but unfortunately most of the mainstream approaches to fat loss cause more harm to your body.

Number 2: I want to affect the health of future generations (hence the name Generation Health)

One study that shaped and moulded my direction was released in 2003 by the Centre if Disease Control which stated ‘1 in 3 children will become diabetic unless habits change’.

I put this down to a lack of education and awareness from within the household. When you work with me and take my course, my chief primary aim is to empower you so you can be an agent of change in your family.

Think of this….If you change one person, you change a couple. If you change a couple, you transform a family. If you transform a family, you impact a community. If you impact a community, you uplift a nation. And if you uplift a nation, you can bring about change in the world.

I’ve found my life’s purpose in health coaching and creating solutions in these 2 areas has become my passion.

When you take my online coaching program you don’t just purchase another program. You join a community and a movement to bring about change in the world.

In summary, there are many more moments in my highlight reel that I’m incredibly grateful for and would never of had the chance to experience had I not learned to achieve my goals: like speaking at parliament, writing articles for NZ Fitness magazine, running a half marathon, writing a book, being a model for a day and getting my pre-pregnancy body back after just 5 months…it’s been a hell of ride so far. 

But what I’m most grateful for over the years, has been the little things…

Like having energy to be a great wife and mum, like being present for my new born baby and being attentive to his needs, and still feeling rested even though my sleep has been broken.

If you’ve managed to make it through my story here, I would just like to say THANK YOU.

Thank you for your attention, and your support.

I’d like to invite you watch my training webinar. I’ve poured everything I know about health and weight loss into that training and I walk you through the entire process.

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Tarryn Thompson


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