“I lost 8cm from my hips. Thats never happened before”

Before starting Tarryn’s program I felt like I had hit a rut and nothing was working. I felt really unmotivated and the over all feeling of post baby and being in my mid 30’s started to play on my mind that it wasn’t a possibility for me anymore.

In the past I’d tried a lot of things and not really giving it enough of a go. But this felt different.

I’m the sort of person that loves to understand everything before I follow it. After talking with Tarryn I had trust that she knew what she was talking about.

I absolutely loved that Tarryn’s program taught me the ‘why’ behind everything. I’ve seen a dietician and gone to Jenny Craig before and never had the same kind of understanding behind it.

The program made a lot of sense and the principles behind it made me see that it’s not all about losing weight but also about creating the habits necessary for a healthy lifestyle.  - Nicky Mayson


“It’s the best investment I have EVER made”

Before starting Tarryn’s program I was overweight, I hated not being able to fit into any clothes and I exercised a lot but never seemed to lose any weight.

I used to wake up in the morning with a dull headache and really lethargic. I was also thinking about getting older and not wanting to be in a really unhealthy state especially when I got into my 50’s.

So far I’ve lost 10kg and 20cm from my belly, I’m still losing and best of all it’s given me the knowledge about my body and how to implement a lifestyle change.

It is the best investment I have EVER made and because of Tarryn’s continued support I now have the confidence in myself to achieve any health goal I set my mind to.  - Sarah Greenway

“The weight loss and centimetres lost were a bonus”

Before starting Tarryn’s program I had all sorts of gut issues. I felt depressed about my IBS and candida. It was taking over my life.

Now I feel so much better. I know what to do to manage it and its totally changed the way I think about food.

I really loved how available Tarryn was and seeing her each week helped so much. The program helped me understand more about my body and my condition. Plus it helped me with quite a few old beliefs I was carrying around about nutrition. I totally recommend it. - Pippa McLeod

I felt so supported the whole way through”

I loved that I could reach out to Tarryn during the week as well. There were so many tools I had access to that helped me. I have so much more energy and I am sleeping so much better.

Before seeing Tarryn I had been to Weight Watchers, Sure Slim and all those other things. The thing that was such a big draw card to Tarryn’s program was the hormone approach and the workbooks.

In the past the focus has always been about getting through a 12 week program or getting through a challenge and then once its all over I can go out and have a drink. It was always about losing the weight but never about my habits and so it made it about rewards instead of growth. 

I’m handling stress better, handling my relationships better. I don’t sweat the small stuff like I did before. I am a whole different person now thanks to Tarryn’s program and her support.

I’ve still got a way to go to reach my ideal but I feel equipped with the necessary skills and I’m still connected to Tarryn’s support program to help me the rest of the way.  - Emma Fowler


I have sought help with nutrition and weight loss many times but nothing has ever produced the results I actually wanted. GenHealth is so tailored and specific to me that I consider the results as good as spot training which I have always been told is impossible. In addition to the physical changes, I am now armed with knowledge and life skills I will refer to and apply for the rest of my life.

Before starting with GenHealth I had a very unhealthy relationship with food. I thought that I had an awesome diet and couldn’t understand why I wasn’t getting the results I wanted. I had no idea that I was over exercising, over stressed and needed way more sleep!

I understand so much more now (because Tarryn has educated me and explained things until I actually get it)…There is so much to nutrition, you can’t just skip a meal or do a liver cleansing diet for a week, it is for life and an easy commitment to make when you know how good you feel and function!! - Sarah Webster


Before starting with Generation Health I had problems with poor sleep, fatigue, low energy and abdominal pain. On the course I learned how to choose the right foods for my body and health as well as understanding of how my body works regarding fat storage and fat burning. I achieved better results than I thought possible in the short time-frame, not just losing kilos, but improving my body fat and body shape. Most importantly I’ve learnt the right foods to reduce the abdominal pain I used to get. I now treat my body and food with more respect and count my needs as high at my boys. I take the time to organise my daily food intake and make healthier choices, not just for myself but for my family as well. Tarryn is such a caring and positive person. I found it really easy to talk to her and take away information I could use. I don’t stress at all if I occasionally eat the wrong thing knowing that I have the knowledge and confidence to “fix” it by making better choices in the future. - Lisa Horne-Slee


I originally approached Tarryn to help fix a health problem along with the discovery of food allergies. I was unsure how to maintain a healthy eating plan while missing out several food groups. Not knowing what to expect I suddenly found myself signed up for a 12-week nutrition course and an initial order of vitamins! Over the next few weeks the knowledge and support I gained from this course not only fixed my health problem but also helped me lose weight (10kgs plus 10cm off my waist) and increase my fitness. I’ve gone from zero exercise to completing my first 5K Obstacle Race! But the benefits didn’t stop there…I now have increased energy, better quality sleep and a real sense of achievement – PRICELESS! - Tessa Hansell


I would recommend Tarryn to others because she gets results. I trust that Tarryn know’s what she’s talking about.

Before Generation Health I was gaining inches around the waist and had developed a matronly figure. 
The biggest thing I learnt was how to balance carbohydrate and exercise, the effects that these have on my hormones and that fat’s aren’t bad! I just 6 weeks I lost 4kg’s and reduced my body fat %. I view the way I eat very differently now. I’m much more aware of how I eat and the impact of exercise and how I should eat. 
I know now that I need to eat different carbs and spinach is my friend. My experience with Generation Health was extremely valuable. - Sue Smith


Everyone is different and there is only so much a standard program can do for an individual. This program goes beyond that by tailoring what I was going through considering all factors that are affecting my life.

Before starting with Generation Health I was experiencing tiredness and my body was not functioning at 100%
The biggest thing I learned was how to eat optimally to achieve the best possible nourishment for healthy cells. 
In 6 weeks I achieved the ability to regulate my hormones and in turn achieve the utmost my body needed to function effectively. 
I view nutrition very differently now, I’m a lot more selective. I appreciate food and am no longer fearful of certain foods. 
If I could tell people one thing I’ve learnt from my experience is that understanding your body first is crucial to the changes you want it to make- Lena Thompson

The old me was a carb monster, I’d relied on the old school ‘low fat – high fibre’ diet for many years, which invariably meant lots and lots of quick and convenient carb laden meals.  This ‘diet’ which worked in my 20’s was failing; I was fat around the middle, struggling with training, always tired and grumpy, usually carrying an injury, unhappy and was probably heading towards diabetes.  So I signed up with Gen Health, looking to learn about nutrition rather than go on just another diet. 

Yes the start was tough, very tough!!  I was definitely motivated to follow everything Tarryn told me, I was religious with my diary, strict with my food measurements, perfect student, but my progress was delayed by my body’s use of insulin.  Bless Tarryn, who was so un-waivering in her belief I could achieve my goals when I’d nearly given up, she knew when I needed an extra phone call or email for encouragement between sessions.

Tarryn is a living breathing testament for the nutrition she coaches; she’s been on the same/similar journey herself, she has such a wealth of knowledge and shares this with so much passion, she was genuinely invested in my progress to better health and shared the ups and downs with me.  Tarryn even have me nutritional recommendations for my mum who was going through chemotherapy.

Then I went to Nick and Tarryn’s seminar on hormones, this is the icing on the cake! Seriously a must do, everything ‘clicked’ after going to this seminar, my weight gain was a symptom of unhealthiness and the low fat – high fibre diet was never going to address this but my new eating and training routine would …. and it has!! 

I no longer diet, this has been a lifestyle change, Tarryn gave me all of the tools and the encouragement I needed in the 12 weeks I worked with her to achieve my goals, and I can use what I’ve learnt to continue working towards them and new goals.  I am the healthiest and fittest I’ve been in 20 years, I am happier, I achieve more at work, I train hard rather than struggling through sessions and I have nearly finished my first ever injury-free netball season. 

Tarryn, you are amazing, I can’t thank you enough for teaching and encouraging me on this journey to a better life.- Tui Rapana


You guys have totally changed the way I view what ‘eating’ is. No longer is it about, ‘Im hungry. Wheres a pie or noodles when you need some?’, but now its about ‘Is that a balanced meal? Have I been eating properly today, this week?’. During the course, you guys have successfully brainwashed, hypnotized and opened my eyes to what I’m really eating and, not only what I should eat, but what I personally need to eat (for my body type and lifestyle). Im incredibly greatful for all the advice and patience that you have spent on teaching me. Well worth every penny spent! - Asher Freeman


You guys are amazing and have helped me to not only achieve my goal of losing weight but to help me eat right for my training. Before I started working with Generation Health I had wicked cravings for chocolate and carbs, my energy was low and my training suffered. Tarryn taught me exactly why I was craving and taught me to focus my attention on improving my health. As a result I lost 4% body fat and my running tempo increased, helping me to set a new personal best in my last half marathon.Olivia Barclay 


Before being introduced to Generation Health I was going from one frustrating month to another taking two steps forward, then promptly two steps back.  

For more than 18months I persevered until my best friend told me about Generation Health, the one-on-one approach and the things she had learned about her own eating and training – I definitely wanted to know more!

Living outside of Auckland was no barrier, Tarryn and I caught up online every week throughout the 6 week program after which I had lost 6cm from around my waist and dropped 4.6kg of FAT – Yup, that’s straight fat-loss! 

The one-on-one sessions with Tarryn are awesome. Right from my first session, setting my goals, I had already learned so much – about myself! Over the following weeks I quickly realised I had a lot to learn, Tarryn took me through it all step by step. I now know how to fuel my body better, I now have tools and strategies so I can actually ‘live’ without compromising my goals. I also learned about training effectively for my goals, what/when/how long. Turns out my previous approach had my body convinced I was trying to kill it, go figure.

I’m very grateful to have been introduced to Tarryn, for all I have learned, gained and ‘lost’. If you want to get off the diet bus and put an end to low energy, high stress and yo-yo results – I highly recommend you contact Generation Health. – Paula Martin


Before Generation Health I struggled to maintain consistent energy levels at work, going from eating little for long periods of time, to the point where I’d overeat.

The biggest thing I learned on the GenHealth course was the purpose of certain food groups and how to optimise their benefits to suit my needs. Whether it be for weight training, immunity, improving energy consistency etc. I also learnt the effect of timing meals in relation to strength and aerobic training, and eating for mass gain or fat loss.

I achieved bodyfat loss, and more consistent energy levels, but most importantly, I gained a thorough understanding of nutrition in general over the 6 week course.

I view good nutritional knowledge as a key tool to a long and healthy life. Would definitely recommend this course to anyone who has the desire to eat better, for longer. Doesn’t matter if you are an elite athlete or not – it’s an essential life skill!  – Taupini Nicholas


Before Generation Health I thought marmite on toast, a few chicken and avocado sandwiches from the bakery and a kebab or three were the main meals everyone ate. Turns out I don’t how I’m still alive with the diet I had and the foods I was lacking in my diet. Protein shake, what’s that? 10 servings of fruit and vegetables, can’t even name that many? Eat carbs before exercising, since when? After my first session I knew it was a long uphill journey

The biggest thing I learned on the GenHealth course was I had a lot to learn. I had no idea about how many carbs or the volume of protein I needed per day and then what was needed when you are training. How important timing of meals can be. How to lose weight by cutting carbs before exercise, the list goes on and on and on and on……

I managed to lose 4kgs over 12 weeks which was a big goal and lost body fat.

I am now more aware of the amount of protein and carbs and other stuff I need when training. Once upon a time I would sometimes have no energy when it came to training or game day and now I can see my diet was insufficient. No excuses now to be performing below my best

If you are thinking of doing the course. Do it! You have to get yourself organised and keep to a pattern which is tough at first but after awhile you see the benefits and don’t want to stop. If performance in sports is important, do it. If being healthy is important, do it. If you want to give yourself the best chance at a long life, do it! - Matt Ansley


Starting with Generation Health in early January 2014 was the best way to start my new year off.  Meeting Nick & Tarryn and learning their basic, sensible eating & exercise plan has made a huge difference in my life.

I learnt more about the health benefits of good food and how to switch off my not so good food choices.  Understanding how the body uses food to fuel itself made it easier to make the right choices daily.  I found the food choices were varied and you could mix to suit your own tastes.  My treat meals were a great way to include some of the naughty things but not over indulge and head off in the wrong direction again.

Exercise is not easy for me due to old injuries, sheer laziness, and working in a sedentary job.  But with a lot of support and encouragement, I am now exercising 4-5 times per week on a treadmill and looking forward to it each night as I drive home from the office.  My colleagues at work have been supportive; and in fact some have even joined me in eating healthier foods instead of hitting the snack box.

My initial goal was 4 kg, which I achieved by  the end of the 6 weeks; even with 1 week of no exercise due to injuring my knee.  I have already given away clothes that no longer fit; and my aim is to continue to work with Tarryn and reach my ultimate goal of 30 kgs down by 31st March 2015.

The first step is always the hardest to take, but please do it and reward yourself with a healthier body and a long life ahead. – Suzanne Walsh


Before Generation Health, I believed the food I was putting into my body was healthy and well within portion. Having said that, the weight never seemed to budge.

My exercise regimens were excessive, which would see me training 6-7 times a week, thinking fitness was the path way I needed to help my weight shift in the direction I wanted it to.

Then, having sat down and attended a free nutrition seminar with Nick and Tarryn from Generation Health – with having the honest mind set as, ‘Oh here we go, yet another nutrition outfit.’ ‘Let’s see what they have to say, which hasn’t already been said by previous nutritionist.’

After only having been listening for what seemed like 10-15mins, I was already hooked on the vision that both Nick and Tarryn were trying to provide, which were based around the simply fundamentals of healthy living for both normal day and sports minded persons.

They weren’t ‘just’ another company handing out the average ‘Joe Blogs’ Low Carb diet plan, with the incentive of taking money, they were far from it. 

They spoke about a 6 week program, which would have you learning week by week, about how to correctly fuel your body according to whatever sort of life style you may have.   

Personally, I loved the fact that they weren’t just producing a run of the mill generic diet that anyone could simply look up online. I knew what I was doing at present wasn’t working, so I decided to take the step.

Week by week I sat down with Tarryn and was explained a new topic. This was done in a manner that never had me leaving the session thinking, that was great but, ‘what the heck does it all mean’ It week forced me to consciously think what I was putting in my body and whether it was in fact beneficial to my optimum goal.

Both Nick and Tarryn were always ready to lend advice and support when needed with know hassles. They were always generally interested on how I was going on both the high and low points.
I’m no saint and there were ‘hick ups’ on the way, but they were immediately addressed and weren’t dwelled upon. As these are the things that are somewhat expected upon the clean eating journey.

Upon the completion of the 6 week program I have lost 6cm around my waist, 5% body fat and a nice 3.5kg of muscle gain. 

I am super excited that having both seen and felt the benefits of those result, I am completely confident the weight I lost won’t just pile back on at the drop of a hat (as all of us that have been on yo-yo diets will no) This was no ‘emergency diet’ or a crazy diet that had you eating little to none food. It was done correctly, which had my body in-turn respond with these positive results.

I have been taught the right tools acquired from Tarryn, which I now have a good understanding of what I need to eat in order to correctly fuel my body, leaving it both healthy and running efficiently, so the weight will be kept off.

Both Nick and Tarryn even after the completion of the 6 week program, still continue to show genuine interest toward my food goals and are ready at the helm to answer any question/s I may ask or have for them. This in itself surpasses any nutritionist I have seen, heard and or dealt with in the past.

I highly recommend this program to anyone wanting to achieve their goals, and obtain the right tools and knowledge to help carry them through and beyond their food goals and healthy living choices, whichever it may be.

I believe that without the guidance from Generation Health, I definitely would not be in the shape I am in now or feeling the best I have felt in quite sometime. – Chanel Dufty


Before Generation Health I was always tired and had no energy when it came to training or going to work. I often put my tiredness down to working shift work. Once Tarryn gave me a food plan I soon realised that I was tired due to the food (and lack of it) I was eating. It was the biggest contributor to me feeling tired.

The biggest thing I have learnt from the six week course is how to fuel my body for the day. I am able to think about everything I am about to eat and what gains I am going to get from consuming those meals. I am full of energy for training sessions and I put this down to the knowledge gained from Tarryn.

On my first meeting with Tarryn we set goals. I set a 6 week goal but also a goal to get down to 9% body fat by the end of three months from the first day I saw her. By week three I had already achieved this goal. I did not change my exercise regime at all. It was all down to the fact that I was eating the right foods. By the end of the six weeks my body fat was down to 7.93%.(I started the course with a body fat percentage of 12.46%). 

My view on nutrition has changed dramatically. I now think about everything I eat and drink. Food is an important fuel for me and I now know the importance of eating the right foods at the right time.

As a whole I am now confident in making the right decisions when it comes to preparing meals. I am no longer tired and I am always fueled for my training sessions. I no longer need the afternoon naps and I am able to recover from exercise a lot sooner than I used too. The knowledge that Nick and Tarryn have is immense. They have an answer for all the questions you put to them. Knowing that they know there stuff and are always willing to help makes the six week course that much better. They are both role models for the “nutrition industry” and I would not hesitate in the slightest to recommend any of my friends seeing them. What I have learnt from them has changed my life and I have learnt so much. - Richard Crang


Before Generation Health I was tired, couldn’t stay up late, often fell asleep on the couch and had low energy when training. This would run me down and I easily got sick.  I was always hungry, the food I was eating never satisfied me and I couldn’t seem to fill myself up. The biggest thing I have learned and gained from the Generation Health course is how, when and why to fuel my body for the training I do. I now have confidence that the food I prepare for the day will keep me going, help me with recovery and better prepare me for my next session. I now think about all the ingredients that go into a meal and what benefits I am getting from them individually and as a whole meal. After doing the Generation Health course I feel better about my body – It took me a year of training for Ironman to loose the same amount of weight I lost with Generation Health in six weeks and I think my body is in better shape now than it was then. In those six weeks I got down to my goal body fat% and put on muscle. I now have a lot more energy – both in training and everyday life. I have noticed a huge improvement in my training especially in my cycling. I am able to push myself harder and my body is recovering faster. This six week course is probably the best money I have spent all year. I have wanted to see a nutritionist for a few years and I now wish I had done it sooner, especially for my year of training for Ironman. Tarryn makes it really easy to understand and follow. There will be no turning back to my old ways for me! – Amanda Barclay

Generation Healths six week course was the best thing I’ve done for 2013. The course  was above and beyond my expectations. I now have lot more energy and has created a positive shift in my attitude and myself. You made everything really easy to understand. I was guided through different aspects of nutrition and it’s changed the way I think about food. Tarryn has a wealth of knowledge and I thank you heaps for sharing it with people like me. I have achieved my goals of weight loss and increased energy……This will be an ongoing way of life for me. I would  highly recommend the course to all.- Kinnary Patel
Before working with Generation Health I wasn’t too sure on when to eat, what I should be eating and why? The biggest thing I’ve learnt from GenHealth is why I should be eating certain foods and how they can help me achieve different goals. I achieved a good percentage of fat loss in 6 weeks but more importantly feel much more healthy on the inside and have more energy on a daily basis. I think about food and nutrition in a really positive way now and see fitness and health as a pleasure not a burden. The six weeks has been great in that I didn’t feel like I was on some kind of diet. I was just thinking more about what I ate and when. Nick and Taz have a great wealth of knowledge and have been awesome to chat too at any time for tips and help along the way. Thanks guys. - Hannah Peters
Before doing this course I looked at food as a reward and Julie used to comfort eat. She would start and wouldn’t be able to stop. We both feel confident in our food choices and for the first time feel like we have control. 
Tarryn  gave us the skills and knowledge to make the right choices and to recognise our mistakes and now we have a good understanding of what we need to do. The program was fantastic and very easy to learn and Tarryn made it fun.Julie  was 68.9kilos in the beginning and was 61.4 at the end of the six weeks and continues to lose weight. She feels fantastic and feels so much better about herself. To be honest she is glowingWe recommend this program to any one who wants to lose weight.  – Gay and Julie.
Before meeting Tarryn, I was a real food novice. She showed patience and flexibility to understand my circumstances and needs, then tailored my health plan perfectly.
The program has revolutionized the way I interact with food. I used to worry about how much I was eating, now I don’t, as I understand what my body needs, and can confidently adjust what I eat, based on a combination of how I’m feeling and what I’m doing. In fact, now I eat more food than before and have yet to struggle to chose from menus when I’m out.
I have achieved nearly all of my goals, being fat loss, increased energy levels, and increased understanding, and am therefore very grateful to Tarryn for the belief she transferred during the 6 weeks, and the passion she has in the concept. – Russell Fernandes

I have learnt so much and it was what I needed to get me out of a rut. You are both so passionate about what you do and your enthusiasm is infectious. I know the knowledge you have given me will change my ways. Your willingness Tarryn, to help me over the last six weeks went above and beyond and I really appreciate you spending the time to give me vegetarian options and to give extra ideas when my energy levels tapered. I feel very lucky to have stumbled across Generation Health, I can’t thank you enough. Elaine Webb


We were recommended to see Tarryn by another member of the gym. Neither of us had ever considered seeing a nutritionist before because we already believed that we ate healthily and we regularly exercised. We decided that having more knowledge about food and the relationship between nutrition and exercise would be helpful in sorting through all the myths and new research that is out there. Our goals were to increase energy levels and work towards peak performance at the gym. Seeing a nutritionist was never about losing weight and Tarryn was able to work with us to create a very personalised programme that was specific to our individual needs.

Tarryn’s style of coaching was comprehensive. She guided us through the different aspects of nutrition and the new learning was revisited and connected to our lifestyle. She effectively helped us create personalised goals, answered our questions around muscle building to work towards improved outcomes at the gym and over the six weeks we both made meaningful and sustainable changes in our eating habits and diet. Overall, we have both noticed a positive shift in our attitude towards food, which is continuing to help us make significant gains towards our targets. – Julian Cosgrove & Abby Hope


From the first time I learned about GenH at the information night, I felt you were different. Not all about calorie counting, but teaching us about the ‘hows’and ‘whys’ of food in order to kick start a change. Perfect for me! You have all been SO helpful and encouraging in this beginning of my journey. And more importantly, you have given me tools to use and create a legacy of healthy living for my children and grandchildren. Yay! Thanks xo.  Madeline Bay


My aim was to get my sugar reading down and I achieved this. Before the GenH course it was 62mmol. Am now too healthy to get free diabetic check, have to pay for it now!  – Anthony Smuts


I happened upon Generation Health by accident and at the intro night realized this was the perfect solution for me having being diagnosed with insulin resistance. Unlike other “weight loss groups” of which  I have tried them al, this group concentrated on educating me about cellular health, food composition, (low gi) and cooking and eating different foods. I would have no hesitation in recommending this program, in fact I would happily endorse it. – Toni Field


From day 1 I was unsure of how this course would change the way in which I perceived food and how much I did not know about how to properly/safely lose weight. As the course progressed, my knowledge grew and my weight started to drop! I began to shop, cook and eat differently than I had ever done before. With this came compliments and the motivation to continue. The physiology and learning how the different foods that I used to eat affected my body was of most interest to me as I have a nursing background. It was a life changing (plus lifestyle changing) decision with no regrets!! As guaranteed by Tarryn. – Lyndal Pokoney


Donna achieved fantastic results, her main concern was belly fat. At the end of 6 weeks Donna lost 14.5 cm around belly button, and 9.5 cm around her lower abdomen! There was a definite increase in Donna’s sensitivity to her insulin which was a huge bonus.

“I had been gradually putting weight on over the past 5 years, and just couldn’t lose it again. Since Menopause took its course, it seemed to be an impossible task.

Although it was not a  huge amount of weight, it was enough to make me feel uncomfortable, self-conscious and a little depressed. Also, I was concerned about where most of the weight was being stored, around my middle.

My son suggested that Generation Health could help my situation. At first I was skeptical about the whole thing, but after the initial consultation with Tarryn, I thought to myself, it just might work!

Well, in the first week I lost 3kg, and I was never hungry which surprised me.

After almost 6 weeks, I have lost 5kg and inches off my measurements! I have built up strength in my muscles, and become fitter, ( I insisted at the beginning that I don’t and cant jog, now I can!).

I am very pleased I met with Tarryn , it has changed my whole outlook on food, exercise and life in general. Tarryn is a lovely person and easy to converse with.

This will be an on-going way of life for me now, and I do not feel deprived. I feel educated and responsible for my own health and well being.”  Donna O’Grady


“I have learnt so much and it was what I needed to get me out of a rut. You are both so passionate about what you do and your enthusiasm is infectious. I know the knowledge you have given me will change my ways. Your willingness Tarryn, to help me over the last four weeks went above and beyond and I really appreciate you spending the time to give me vegetarian options and to give extra ideas when my energy levels tapered.

Offering advice on values was an exceptionally useful exercise that I will be reflecting on for a good few weeks. For example, this evening I ditched the laundry and cuddled the kids on the sofa reading books before putting them to bed. Yes I might go to ben half an hour later but a trade that is so much more important.

I feel very lucky to have stumbled across Generation Health, I can’t thank you enough.” Elaine Webb


“As a Personal Trainer, sometimes all my energy goes into meeting my clients goals and my own nutrition can go out the window. Working with Tarryn has helped tremendously with getting my nutrition back on track, giving me structure and teaching me new ways to adapt my daily eating to my hectic schedule. While being passionate, knowledgeable and relevant about nutrition, Tarryn’s stand out trait is her ability to break down complex nutritional concepts and teach them in a practical and useful way. While most nutritionists will simply give a meal plan and send you on your way, Tarryn’s approach is much more long term and she equips you with the knowledge to not only make short-­term transformations, but a map to life-­long nutritional success.
Thanks heaps Tarryn! ” JulianTe Tai – Personal Trainer


Eva lost 17% of her body fat and gained 1.5kg of muscle, excellent result, especially for a lady who almost didn’t start!

“Even though this might sound a bit exaggerated, Tarryn and Generation Health did change my life. I decided to give the program a go thinking this would be just another thing I would try with no results. I was actually expecting a bit of disappointment again; after so many diets, recommendations, restrictions, ‘this works 100%’ advices I kinda lost my hope. How glad I am now I made myself sign up!

I saw results pretty much instantly, after a couple of weeks, my clothes felt a bit loser, I felt more energy when working out, but what’s the best, what really put smile on my face and reassured me that this was the right step, when people around me started noticing – within weeks!

Tarryn is really supportive, she makes sure I understand how things work, and having that insight into how nutrition actually works is so much better and more effective than following a diet without proper understanding of the science behind it. Knowing what effect does different food, different exercise, and combination of both have on how our bodies function, puts everything into a different perspective.

I am not yet where I want to be in terms of my fitness and weight but now I know how to get there. And Tarryn’s contagious enthusiasm certainly helps.”  Eva Banciska


Janet lost an incredible 21.5% of her body fat in just 6 weeks! What an awesome lady.

“I first met Tarryn at an “Introductory Meeting” for Generation Health.  Inspired by what she had achieved I was interested in the concept behind Generation Health and as I was doing both Boot Camp and Cross Fit I signed up.

I have really enjoyed learning from Tarryn.  She has a wealth of information and is happy and willing to pass it on.  She has made our sessions fun and interesting and has been helpful and motivational.

Her support over the last six weeks has been invaluable.”  Janet Harper.


“I went along to the first seminar thinking I can get a few tips and a new recipe book, I got a lot more than that. Nick and Tarryn opened my eyes to a new approach to fuelling my body for the various challenges I inflict on myself.

Since working with Generation Health I have adapted the foods that go into my body, the times I eat and increased my knowledge, pizza is good sometimes! I’ve learnt when white carbs like that are beneficial and when they are not– don’t tell her that, she might think I’ve been paying attention! Having the meal plan and the information on what vitamins to take has given me assistance and a level of accountability to a previously neglected side of my training.

I have dropped from 13.7 to 11.2% body fat, have more energy and feel better while training. I used their guidance for the last 2 months as final preparation before I fly away to represent NZ in multi-sport races around the world. I will be taking the knowledge Nick and Tarryn have given with me on my travels and will perform at a higher level with their help.” Michael Prideaux

Mike Before and After


Juliet lost a total of 20kg to reach her goal in just 12 weeks. Juliet was diligent with sticking to her plan and proved that those who do the work get the result.

“I highly recommend Generation Health. The support was always there above and beyond my expectations. Not only has this changed my appearance but it has improved my social life, my relationships and my confidence. If you want to lose some weight, have a better understanding of nutrition, and learn some science behind how we should eat. Give them a call. It worked for me!” -JulietHawes

Juliet before and after


Over a 12 week period David and Pearl McNeil were able to achieve incredible results. Pearl lost over 11% body fat and David lost a remarkable 12kg by the end of his time with us!

“I loved the enthusiasm and passion, personal knowledge and support. The information I learnt was incredible. You were always ready to answer questions day and night – always supportive and encouraging! My needs were always personalised and solved.” Pearl

“I have learnt sound and proven nutritional guidance and have been able to apply it to my own life and have lost 12kg! But more than that, I know I can maintain a nutritionally balanced way of life and am confident in using this knowledge to help others! This has been life changing!” David

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 More Testimonials

“I really enjoyed my time on the program. I feel so much better and healthier from losing just over 10kg of fat. Before starting I had stomach problems, joint problems, no energy, headaches and generally felt unwell. I have so much energy, no stomach problems or headaches. The support and commitment kept me motivated and feeling so great about what I was doing to improve my health. Love you guys, Thanks!! ” Michelle Poole


“The program has been amazing and without this help I would have never been able to start losing weight. I am so happy to share this program with all my friends so they can change their life and eating habits too.”  Janeen Kan


“This program has helped kick start my weight loss and to achieve the results which I have wanted for such a long time. No other diet has taught me to have the skills for long term weight loss and good health.”
Michael Cellier


“My motivation for doing the program was to avoid diabetes which my father got at approximately the same age  and felt I was in a high risk group for this. I found the program great and I wasn’t hungry – yes I still craved chocolate but I wasn’t hungry – amazing! At the half way point found I hadn’t lost much weight but worse I had not lost the cm from my waist. I was devastated and went home in tears. I could not believe it – all the hard work for nothing! I decided not to give up and found hope in my coach’s words that I was in metabolic syndrome and it was going to take longer and to keep  working on eating every 3 hours and continue with the program. Ten kilos later at the end of the program I felt great, yes it took longer than everyone else but it worked. I would recommend this to anyone wanting to lose weight and change their life.”  Debra Brooker

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